Gentle pipe cleaning

Gentle pipe cleaning

The collection of organic waste – that is, grease, starch, cellulose and protein – in pipes and grease traps causes a number of problems, such as clogs, unpleasant smells and the creation of hydrogen sulphide, all of which contribute to pipe deterioration. Organic waste also attracts insects and creates ideal breeding conditions for fruit flies, for example. These factors may cause financial losses in the form of higher business risks or more expensive waste water management fees.


Our service concept is built around the principles of sustainable development. We always use the best possible, environmentally friendly and safe products. Our products are based on a microbial solution we have developed, which includes a favourable combination of live microbes. These microbes feed on organic waste, cleaning pipes and grease traps and reducing the creation of harmful sulphurous gases. Water and carbon dioxide result from this process.


Our pipe-friendly product cleans pipes and prevents the buildup of material that can cause blockages. The microbes also enter the grease trap, reducing the amount of organic waste, resulting in fewer unpleasant odours and considerably extending the grease trap emptying interval. A smaller amount of organic waste in the pipes and grease trap improves their operation, extends their service life and postpones, for example, the need to replace them due to deterioration. The reduction of organic waste reduces unpleasant odours and the occurrence of insects.


In terms of the environment, our microbial product reduces environmental impacts in waste waters and facilitates the waste water cleaning process. The use of microbial methods results in considerably lower repair and maintenance expenses regarding sewage pipes and grease traps. Our product also includes an approved, natural but fluorescent component. When we video inspect pipes, the component indicates the areas in which microbes have accumulated. This enables us to detect any blockages, leaks or problem locations. We can also easily see whether the product has reached the grease trap. SmartPipe System Oy’s BL-20 product is the only microbial product on the market with this fluorescent property.

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