Smartpipe referenssi Hilton hotelli

A busy airport hotel found an effective way of getting rid of an unpleasant smell in its toilets. Large numbers of daily visitors put a strain on the pipelines. SmartPipe’s bacterial pipe cleaning method was effective quickly: the odours disappeared and have not returned. A substance poured into the pipes during the night both cleans and maintains them. The hotel, which has been awarded a Nordic Ecolabel, values the product’s ecological nature and smaller environmental impact.


Hilton Helsinki Airport finds effective and ecological solution to sewer problem

Smartpipe referenssi Ravintola Löyly

Löyly, the landmark public sauna and restaurant in Helsinki, began using SmartPipe’s bacterial pipe treatment method due to an unpleasant odour around the entrance. The microbial solution keeps the sewers clean, resulting in less frequent emptying of the grease trap. The Biotroop pipe treatment solution, which was designed in Finland, breaks up grease, maintains pipes, and provides an environmentally friendly solution thanks to its natural processes.


The grease trap of the Löyly restaurant and the pipes remain clean thanks to Biotroop


A housing company decided to try SmartPipe’s bacterial pipe treatment method. The pipes in the building, completed in the 1930s, were video inspected and found to be under a heavy load. An automatic dispenser now feeds a microbial solution into the pipes, removing all organic waste and forming a protective cover on the pipe’s surface and keeping it clean. The property’s maintenance expenses are lower and the usable life of the pipes can be maximised.


A housing company at Pursimiehenkatu 11 in Helsinki managed to postpone a pipe renovation project by using SmartPipe’s pipe maintenance method

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