Smartpipe referenssi Hilton hotelli

A lively airport hotel found an effective way of eliminating the odour problems caused in the wc facilities. The pipelines were under heavy load due to a high visitor amount. The SmartPipe System maintenance method was observed to have immediate effect on the issue – the odour problems were eliminated and have not returned since. The solution maintains the pipeline condition during night-time. The hotel, awarded with the Nordic Ecolabel, values the products’ preventive and environmentally friendly nature.


Hilton Helsinki Airport found an effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Smartpipe referenssi Ravintola Löyly

Restaurant Löyly, the landmark public sauna and restaurant in Helsinki, introduced the SmartPipe System maintenance method due to odour problems. The microbiological solution keeps the pipelines clean and dissolves blockage accumulations in grease traps, resulting in less frequent waste removal routines. The Finnish designed SmartPipe System provided an innovative, environmentally friendly and easily installable solution to remove all the difficulties.


The pipelines and grease trap at restaurant Löyly remain clean due to the SmartPipe System.


A housing company introduced the SmartPipe System pipeline maintenance service. The pipelines of the target property, built in 1930, were mapped and discovered to be under heavy load. The automatic dosing system dispenses a microbiological solution into the pipelines. The microbes consume the organic waste and create a biofilm to protect themselves and the surfaces from future waste accumulation. As a result, the propertys maintenance expenses reduced dramatically through maximising of the pipelines’ lifecycle.


A housing company at Pursimiehenkatu 11 in Helsinki managed to postpone a pipe renovation project by using SmartPipe’s pipe maintenance method