Get rid of drain flies with the BioTroop pipeline treatment solution

Is your property suffering from a rapidly growing drain fly problem?

Our ecological piping product effectively treats all insect issues in the piping system.


Organic waste from piping creates optimal conditions for insects


The accumulation of organic waste in piping and grease extraction wells causes a wide range of problems,

such as blockages, odor issues and overall deterioration of the pipeline.

Accumulated organic waste also attracts insects, creating excellent breeding conditions for them. Our 100% ecological

microbial solution destroys the growing conditions of insects without toxins. The solution is cleaner than

any product in the market. When properly dosed, the condition and functionality of the piping of the property

will also improve.


The tropical insect is a relative of the mosquito


You may have already read about the growing drain fly problem. The drain flies

have recently spread rapidly to also northern europe. The alien species nests above all in piping,

where it is moist and warm enough.


The settling of insects in the plumbing does not look at the age of the property, nor the location.

The drain fly is harmless to humans, but indoors a nasty companion. The appearance of insects

in all properties, especially in public spaces, is a very unwelcome phenomenon. When spotting

insects indoors, there is often already an issue that needs to be treated.


How to biologically destroy the habitat of drain flies


The reduction of organic waste in the piping with the help of our solution eliminates the appearance of

odors and insects already in the short term. The fully biodegradable Biotroop BL-20 breaks down and

eats all organic matter in the piping, as well as breaking the surface tension of the water. Without

organic substrate and surface tension, piping is no longer a viable environment for the insects.


A SmartPipe customer in Helsinki city center recently suffered from a drain fly problem, which affected

people’s comfort in the premises. Our automatic dispensers were installed in the waste water system

of the property and eliminated the problem in just a few weeks. At the same time, the odors originating from

the piping stopped and with the active use of the microbial solution, the maintenance interval of the

piping baceme significantly longer.